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Extra Rough Foot Pumice Stone With Hanging Rope

Extra Rough Foot Pumice Stone With Hanging Rope

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This natural lava pumice foot stone is for anyone who want softer, smoother feet, but hates to deal with conventional pumices that loses its grits too quickly.

Here's a dilemma you face right now--dealing with drugstore foot stones that do not perform well, getting messy with chemical foot peel booties, or buying expensive refills for electronic foot files. But that's not all...

What makes problem persists is that all the subsequent foot care purchases are costly in a long run! Which means you might not incline to treat your foot frequently and not getting the smooth, healthy feet that you want.

This natural pumice stone has a super rough surface, which make a terrific remover of surface dead skins cells. It softens callus and still retains its roughness use after use. So, if you want great looking feet but hate to deal with conventional foot files that don't perform, This pumice set is the answer you've been looking for!

Why wait another day and hide your feet in embarrassment? Grab yours today so you can show off your feet in sandals, in yoga class, by the pool, or spending time with a significant other without feeling self conscious. Put one in cart and see for yourself.


  • Natural pumice stone has a super porous surface that allows you to better slough off dead skins cells and smoothing calluses, faster and easier than ever before..
  • Not another battery operated device! You are not forced to purchase additional pricey foot file refills and batteries.
  • Due to the nature of the foot pumice, new unused stone will contain some residual dust. Do rinse and soak stone thoroughly before first use. Do not use dry. Wet the stone and use on wet feet. Finish with a foot cream with socks for optimal result.
  • Gently rub on rough areas on foot and let the exfoliating stone slough off the dead skin. DO NOT OVERUSE. Prolonged rubbing will actually promote thickened skin, which will eventually become calluses. 
  • Use only 2 to 3 times a week for smoother feet.
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