Remembrance Jewelry For Those Who Were Gone Before They Were Born

Remembrance Jewelry For Those Who Were Gone Before They Were Born

A miscarriage is a difficult experience for any mom. And unfortunately, loss of pregnancy is not often discussed. A woman who has lost her baby will appreciate any memorial gift you give her. It can be hard to find the perfect gift that shows your understanding of their loss.

As a retailer that specializes in relationship jewelry, we are launching a unique remembrance collection—Mama of an Angel Remembrance Jewelry.


Miscarriage Loss of Baby Condolences Necklace Miscarriage Loss of Baby Condolences Joined Circles CZ Pendant Necklace
There is a religious version for mothers who rely on their faith for healing.
Religious Condolences For Loss of Baby Pregnancy Cubic Zirconia Cross Pendant Necklace
The Lord Will Guide You Loss of Pregnancy Miscarriage Condolences CZ Cross Necklace


This necklace jewelry is the perfect condolence gift for a mom who has experienced miscarriage. It will be an acknowledgement of what they have lost. A necklace is the perfect gift because it gives her the opportunity to wear something precious that honors her lost baby. 

For something a bit more personalized, this photo remembrance jewelry is a great way to preserve the memory. There is an engraving option if a name is picked out already. A mother who has experienced the pain of losing a child may feel that no one can understand her grief. But with a necklace that bears the child's name, the baby is always honored. The necklaces also provide a way for mothers who lost their pregnancies to connect with other mothers who share their pain while providing them comfort at the same time.

Infant Loss Miscarriage Keepsake Jewelry Baby Ultrasound Photo Pendant Necklace Infant Loss Miscarriage Keepsake Jewelry Baby Ultrasound Photo Bangle Bracelet



The importance of these baby memorial necklaces is not only in the remembrance they offer to mothers, but also in their ability to bring comfort and support to those around them. When someone sees a mother wearing her child's namesake, they are given an opportunity to share their own story or offer words of encouragement.

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