How Cute are These I Meow You Pet Paws Necklaces!

How Cute are These I Meow You Pet Paws Necklaces!

As a cat mom, I can't imagine my life without my demanding yet adorable Siamese cat. He enjoys observing birds and butterflies from the window. He always flings water before drinking from his bowl. He meows at me twice a day for some quality petting. In the evening, I make him chase a feather through his cat tunnel. When I was finally tucked in bed with a book by the end of the day, he would jump up on my bed, kneed all over my lap, and settle his fuzzy butt by my side with both paws extended out across my lap. If he could talk like a human, he would say, "This was a good day. I love you."



But of course, anything he says is a meow. To me, all his meows mean "I love you". Thus, this has become the inspiration for the "I Meow You" necklace




There's also a puppy version for all the dog lovers out there. 



This is the cutest thing you can have around your neck that encapsulates you and your pet's relationship. Choose from stainless steel, or upgrade to 18k gold plated for a more luxurious finish. Furthermore, you can personalize the back with something more personal and sentimental for an additional cost. It could be the kitten's birthday or the adoption date. 

One of my friends is a major dog lover. Ever since I met her when we were kids, she has always had a dog. Now that we are both adults, I know she had a few dogs. When her last dog passed away unexpectedly, I gave her a personalized gift that served as a remembrance. If you or someone you know just lost their pet, you could also put the date to commemorate the death of a pet.

These two products are the latest pet theme jewelry from Missamé. Stay tuned for more exciting new launches!

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