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10 Pcs Makeup Brush Set in Bamboo

10 Pcs Makeup Brush Set in Bamboo

$ 24.97 $ 49.99

The Softest Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes You'll Ever Feel... It’s Like Petting a Kitten!

Let’s face it: The cheap synthetic brushes you get at the drugstore are a huge let-down. They’re rough to your skin and quickly fall apart, further causing frustration when you are in the middle of applying your make-up. You're ready to graduate from drugstore applicators to big name makeup brushes, but cannot justify spending $20 or $30 per brush. Or maybe you’ve decided you don’t want to foster animal cruelty – and you stay away from the brushes made with animal fur.

So, you are on the hunt for decent, high-quality alternatives in place of synthetics cheapies or animal hair brushes. We are proud to offer an exclusive set every savvy beauty enthusiast dreams of…

A Makeup Brush Set That Feels Like the Finest Animal Hair, But Isn’t!

This exclusive brush set is made of sustainable bamboo and premium taklon fiber. The material is synthetic and 100% animal-free, but it feels like the finest animal hair. The soft bristles gently sweep along your skin and give your face a smooth and flawless finish. They are suitable for all types of powder, mineral, gel, cream or liquid makeup. The softness alone will amaze you and so will its reasonable price. This may not be the last affordable luxury… but it’s definitely the most important!

See and feel the difference it makes!

  • BLEND YOUR POWDER OR LIQUID FOUNDATION LIKE A DREAM - Brush bristles are very soft to the touch, yet with the right amount of firmness. They will not feel prickly against the skin when you are stippling.
  • NO MORE LOOSE HAIRS ON YOUR FACE - Only the top quality cruelty free taklon nylon bristles are used. The hair would not shed and there is no strong odor. They work even for sensitive skin.
  • MADE TO LAST - Handles are made with quality solid bamboo, which is a sustainable material. Aluminum ferrules are securely attached to the handles, which are designed to fit comfortably in your hands.
  • A GREAT VALUE FOR BEGINNERS - There are no duplicates in this kit, each face brush and eye shadow brushes has a distinct head size, shape and angle. Our cosmetic brushes contains a good assortment for eye shadow, foundation, liquid concealer and blush--enough for a full face makeup application. This set is a great beginning to a professional brush collection, even makeup artists approve.
  • BEAUTIFUL AS GIFTS - Brush set comes with a pouch organizer which folds up into an attractive package. These makeup tools are perfect gifts for any beauty enthusiast. The bag is convenient to carry for travel, many customers get an extra set as travel makeup brushes.

This 10-piece set includes:

- Flat top brush
- Kabuki brush
- Contouring brush
- Foundation brush
- Oval blush brush
- Dome blending brush
- Angled eye brush
- Concealer brush
- Tapered smudge brush
- Angled liner brush
- BONUS--a brush guide explaining function of each brush

Product FAQ

What are Missamé makeup brushes made from?
The bristles is made with synthetic Taklon fibers, which is 100% vegan. The handles are made from sustainable bamboo. The ferrule (metal part) is made of aluminum. The satin pouch is nylon and vinyl.

How long do my Missamé makeup brushes last?
The lifespan of your Missamé makeup brushes will depend on how often you use them. As with any other makeup brushes, wash and dry them properly. When not in use for an extended period of time, store them in their pouch or a brush container away from humidity and dust. With proper care they can last for years.

How often should I wash my Missamé makeup brushes?
You should thoroughly wash them at least once every 1 or 2 weeks. However, if you use liquid foundation, concealer or any other cream based product, give them a quick wash after every use. Please see Care Instructions for detailed washing instructions.

Can I use professional brush cleaner (like MAC brush cleaner) on Missamé brushes?
Absolutely, other brush cleaner or solution will work on Missamé brushes and will not damage the bristles. Keep in mind the bristles are synthetics and they do not need expensive cleaners to condition the bristles.

I just received the brushes in the mail. Why is there a slight odor?
The brush sets might carry a "new product smell" from the factory. It is due to the fabric of the pouch, and also the ink/varnish used to produce the brush handles. This will not affect the function of the brushes. As advised, please wash and air dry all brushes before the first use. The odor will go away when you take it out of its pouch.

If you are ultra sensitive to smell, try airing out the brushes for a few days. Additionally, you may try soaking a piece of cotton ball with some vinegar and wipe down the handles, then dry with tissue or paper towel. The vinegar will lessen the smell. Please note that vinegar is acidic and it should not be in contact with the handles for too long.



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