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Nylon Towel Shower Wash Cloth

Nylon Towel Shower Wash Cloth

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Forget those slippery plastic shower poofs, awkward to use long handle brushes or those overly rough loofah back scrubber. Get a truly clean feeling after every shower and make softer skin a reality! With a length of 40", this thin yet durable shower wash cloth will get your whole body including hard to reach area like between the shoulders and your back. Simply drape exfoliating wash cloth across your shoulder, drag it left and right in a flossing motion and work your way across. Ball up the shower cloth and work up a lather with soapy water. Gently exfoliate your whole body and say goodbye to flaky skin.

Furthermore, it dries quickly and won't develop mold like those other thicker loofah back scrubber. Simply hang it up and let it drip dry in the shower. You deserve better skin, and this bath cloth is exactly what you need to pamper yourself. Get one and see for yourself. Better yet get 2 so you may keep one for yourself, one for the gym or for a family member.


  • EASILY REACHES YOUR BACK - Body cloth is 40" in length, it is great for reaching hard to reach spots, such as your back and shoulders.
  • NO MILDEW - Unlike other thick loofah scrubber or back brushes, this lightweight cloth dries quick so mildew doesn't grow. You may even throw it into the wash with your clothes if desired.
  • BUILDS UP A GOOD LATHER - The strong material is thin and see-thru, it easily allow air into soapy water and builds up a lather, even with low-lather soaps and body wash.
  • SAVE MONEY ON BODY SCRUBS - Nylon towel works like a buffer and polishes your whole body just like a salt scrub does, except without the irritation, sensitivity or the hefty price tag! It's reusable, easy to pack, and suitable for men and for women.
  • GET THAT CLEAN FEELING AND BE CONFIDENT - You can feel the day's worth of grime coming off your skin when you use this shower cloth. It also get rid of flakey skin so you can feel confident in summer outfits.

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