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Dry Brushing Skin Brush With Short Handle

Dry Brushing Skin Brush With Short Handle

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The secret is out! There is no denying that dry brushing is key to super soft skin and feeling amazing. Dry brush your skin before taking a shower or bath stimulates circulation and improve skin's health.

But not all brushes are equal! Use a no handle brush and you risk cramping your hand reaching all over your body. Use a detachable long handle brush and you will have a hard time angling it for certain area. Worst of it all the brush head keeps sliding off the handle and dropping on the floor. Isn't dry skin brushing supposed to be zen and hassle free?

End your frustration with this short handle body brush. Brush head and handle is made from a single piece of material so nothing detaches. The handle is not too long so you do not have to awkwardly angle the brush to get your back. A hanging rope is included so you may conveniently hang the brush up when you are done.

Get one and see for yourself. Better yet get 2-- one for yourself and another one as a gift for your a family member. Or just keep the extra one for your gym bag.

  • MINIMUM EFFORT, MAXIMUM RESULT - Dry brush your skin for just 5 minutes before showering and cut down your time exfoliating in the shower. You get super soft skin right away!
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - Bristles is strong enough to stimulates circulation without being too abrasive. They do not fall out like some other brushes.
  • CRUELTY FREE - Bristles are made from nylon and not wild boars, rest assure you are not contributing to animal cruelty.
  • CONVENIENTLY REACH YOUR BACK - This body brush handle is made from a single piece of wood and it is comfortable to hold, and just long enough to reach your back.
  • NO HURTING HANDS - Shorter handle is easier to hold and manipulate. No more hurting your hands from gripping a no-handle brush! No more brush head slipping off a long handle as soon as you angle it a certain way!
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