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Tweezers and Scissors Set for Eyebrows Shaping

Tweezers and Scissors Set for Eyebrows Shaping

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*Redesigned pouch to eliminate color transfer*

Hair removal is a constant, on going personal grooming regiment. Isn't time you invest in a set of quality tools to get the job done right?

Even if you use bleaching cream, depilatories or waxes on a regular bases, stray hair could pops up unexpectedly. Arm yourself with this travel friendly tweezers kit and quickly get rid of embarrassing upper lip hair, chin hair or unibrows.

The key to a pair of perfectly shaped brows isn't just tweezing. Trimming long brow hair is equally important. This kit includes a matching brow scissors for at home eyebrow grooming session.

Grooming set includes one slant tip tweezers, one pointed tip tweezers and one curved eyebrow scissors. All three tools fits into a neat pink color carrying case which protects the sharp tips. Its small size is convenient for traveling or on the go.

  • The tips have just the right amount of groove and not too sharp, so it will pluck hair properly instead of cutting it.
  • The tips are not too thick either, so you don't have to struggle when pulling short hair.
  • Brow scissors are perfectly aligned and slightly curved, making it easier to trim and groom long eyebrow hair.
  • These are not your dollar store tweezers! Hefty stainless steel tweezers are coated in pale pink color.
  • It also comes with a matching faux leather pouch. It is a quality grooming toiletry kit that anyone would be proud to give as gifts.

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