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Metal Eyelash Comb and Double Ended Angled Eyebrow Brush Spoolie Set

Metal Eyelash Comb and Double Ended Angled Eyebrow Brush Spoolie Set

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Missamé Eyelash Comb Set is for anyone who needs to declump lashes, but can't find a quality comb that penetrate thick mascara.

Here's a beauty problem you face right now... the cheap plastic combs that comes in your makeup brush set breaks and it is not sharp enough anyway. But that's not the end of it...

What makes this worse is that you don't even realize your the mascara is not performing to its full potential! If you successfully comb your lashes before the mascara dries, you further coat the individual hair with the product rather than letting it stick together, thus making your lashes look thicker. 

Furthermore, most people think that the plastic comb would be good enough, and then they end up using a sewing pin as a separator in a pinch when the cheap comb doesn't work, which is much more dangerous!

All this can make having the best looking lashes and brows first thing in the morning a complete chore! But fortunately, there's now a solution...

Missamé Metal Eyelash Comb Set is a collection of 2pcs kit that helps you achieve perfectly separated lashes and groomed brows.

Evenly spaced metal teeth declumps and separate lashes after mascara application effortlessly. It also combs through lash extension within seconds. Lash comb has a plastic cap which protect the metals tinges from storage and also your fingers. 

So, if you want to declump your lashes and apply brow makeup with ease, but can't find a quality tool that penetrate thick mascara, Missamé Eyelash Comb Set is the answer you've been looking for!

Don't let spidery lashes and uneven brows ruin your look - Order one now!

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